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Brisbane Financial Planners

WT Financial is a Brisbane Financial Planning firm with offices in Woolloongabba and Lowood that provides whole-of-life solutions for your financial planning needs.
Whether you want to grow your wealth for the future, prepare for retirement, or protect your wealth at any stage in life, WT Financial will develop and implement a tailor made solution that fits your personal situation.
There are two simple secrets to wealth creation:
  • Spend less than you earn
  • Invest wisely and over the long term
Spending less means knowing exactly what you are spending. A strategic approach recognises spending is more than just living expenses, it's the tax you pay, the interest you pay, how much you spend now, and how that will change in the future.
Investing wisely is about having good judgement and that relies on having the complete picture. A strategic approach will show you all investment options, whether its property, shares, or a term deposit, and the cost of making one choice over another.
Strategic planning looks at how multiple financial decisions interact, avoiding pitfalls that might not otherwise be obvious.
WT Financial is about people. We value relationships both with our clients and within our dynamic team. We are trusted to provide advice in your best interest, backed by over 25 years' experience in helping people plan for their financial future.
Let our knowledgeable team share their financial planning expertise with you. Find out more about how WT Financial can help here

The Benefits Of Wealth Planning

You wouldn't drive to an unknown destination without a map, and you probably wouldn't set off without a good idea of why you were going and without enough fuel to get there; but that's exactly what many of us do with our financial future. Wealth planning gives you the roadmap to your financial future. It helps you understand exactly what your financial goals are, whether it's regular travel when you retire, a new car or simply maintaining your income, and it helps you put in place an action plan to achieve those goals. Wealth planning is also about understanding the past and creating a plan that fits-in with your financial behaviour to get the best from your financial resources.

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Brisbane Office

Phone: 07 3844 1171
Email: gabba@wtfinancial.com.au
Unit 2 212 Logan Road,
Woolloongabba QLD 4102

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Lowood Office

Phone: 07 5426 3111
Email: lowood@wtfinancial.com.au
Unit 2, 1 Walters Street
Lowood QLD 4311

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